About us

Our company, which has been a strong presence in the field since 1990, is located in our privately owned offices at 65 Koraka Street in the center of Mires, Heraklion, Crete.

Our main activities are issuing permits (study & supervision) for houses, hotels, commercial activities and workshops, as well as the elaboration of topographical work and the creation of 3D models- photorealism for our costumers’ needs.

As Designers – Constructors we are in constant action and have direct knowledge concerning the local conditions and local market. With our vast experience and long-lasting presence in the field, we are more than capable of guaranteeing valid and official support for all individuals who wish to design their house or investment in collaboration with our company.

Our role includes taking on:

  • the finding of the ideal property.
  • the investigation of legal and planning matters, providing official legal covering which ensures the investment.
  • the technical support through our modern technical equipment and architectural design software, regarding the elaboration of building design (statics, heat insulation, water insulation and specialized technical designs such as pools, alternative energy sources etc.) in addition to ensuring the required licenses.

Finally, in fields that require specialised knowledge, our office can cover any demand that may arise with the aid of our specialised collaborators (lawyers, solicitors, estate agents, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, interior designers etc.).

Lefteris Kourgerakis – Architect - Mechanic

- He was born in Agios Nikolaos, Lasithi in 1956.


- Graduate of the University of Milano School of Architects (1988).


- He began his collaboration with Grigori Nikolidaki in 1991.


- Foreign Languages: Italian.

Vasilis Antonakis – Building Engineer

- He was born in Athens in 1977.


- Graduate of the T.E.I of Heraklion- Department of Building Engineering (2001).


- He successfully completed seminars in the architectural design programmes autocad, cadware, allplan & 3D photorealism.


- He studied at the IVT Institution of Mires.


- Foreign Languages: English.


- He has been working with Artplan since 1998.

Grigoris Nikolidakis – Architect - Mechanic

- He was born in Mires in 1959.


- Graduate of the University of Milano School of Architects (1986).


- Foreign Languages: Italian, French.


- Holder of the ISO certification C’.


- In 1989 he opened the Architectural office and began his activity in the area of Messara.


- He served as deputy mayor of Mires for 10 years as well as councilor for 16 years.



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Our company provides complete and innovative solutions. Our experienced personnel prepares the 3D portrayals (photorealism) of your project, giving you the opportunity to tour through all the areas of your project.

In this way, you can have a complete picture of the how your construction will function, what its dimensions will be in addition to seeing its design.


65 Koraka Street
Mires, Heraklion, Crete, 70400

Tel. & Fax: +30 28920 23743
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